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Brevity. It's a good thing.

Had a fairly long talk last night with R., an old friend of mine from down home that I hadn't heard from in a while. He's doing all right; seems to have started following the Atkins plan or some other variation on the low-carb diet. This is good since he, like I, is lugging around more weight than his body was originally designed for.

Aside from that and some personal matters I don't believe are any of y'all's business (especially since most of you don't know R.) he acknowledged that he had been following my LJ occasionally but never commented since he has a dozen or so friends in the DC area who are also on LJ and feels overwhelmed just trying to keep up with the posts...especially since some of his friends seem compelled to blog about every single minute thing they do in a day.

Guilty as charged, at least occasionally. I think I'll try and keep the slice-of-life posts to a minimum from here on in and confine myself to posting about major events, when I'm not spouting off about some cool thing I've seen/read/thought about.
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