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Well, in between experimenting with the bread robot, playing Civ and EVE, and other wastes of time, I finished all the library books* and assembled another bookcase. This allowed me to empty another couple boxes of books, which gives me a little more floor space to work in. Go me!

I was thinking about taking part in this...well, I guess it's a meme...over at beatonna's LJ. Being the odd combination of shy and cynical that I am, though, I decided it wasn't for me. I can't see my younger self actually paying attention to the nearly endless string of "good news/bad news" anecdotes older me would inflict on him, and there isn't that much of it that would be funny to other people. Not in the "laughing with" as opposed to the "laughing at" category, anyway.

After finishing Broken Angels and Woken Furies this weekend, I'm wondering if I want to read more of Richard K. Morgan's stuff. I like his plotting. characterization and other storytelling chops well enough, but I'm getting a little tired of all the anti-capitalist corporation-bashing; the whole thing is starting to remind me of John Brunner's suffocating Ingsoc worldview that put me off so much of Brunner's work in his later years when his lot were getting their asses kicked by the Iron Lady. Anyway...they're both good books, well worth reading, and I recommend them highly.

I finally finished The System of the World this morning at 0400, which gives you some idea of how engrossing the Baroque Cycle novels are. No plot summary could do it justice, but I will say that Stephenson has managed to learn how to juggle multiple plot-lines and characters in a way that Harry Turtledove badly needs to learn. He has also managed to write quite a bit of all three novels in a pseudo-period style that is Entertaining rather than Annoying or Offensive, which is pretty cool.

*I'm re-reading Yellow Eyes, as it's been too long since I read the first chapters online.
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