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frustrated on Independence day

Apparently the answer to the question "Where can you shoot off fireworks in Virginia?" is "Nowhere that won't get you arrested." Also, according to this page, all the really fun stuff is illegal anyway. Fuck. I can openly carry a Makarov pistol. but I can't light off an assload of Roman candles? What kind of bullshit is this?

So I guess P and I will just indulge in the usual burning of animal flesh and stay the hell away from Washington, 'cause it's going to be five kinds of crazy downtown today. They've already shut down the Memorial Bridge to traffic, which means that even if Arlington was open today there'd be no way to get there. Time to shower and get rolling.

UPDATE: There will be explosions, or at least lots of pyrotechnic fun. Picked up ~$40 worth of stuff at the Black Cat stand over by Manchester Lakes, and none of it is going to be held over for Labor Day. We'll find someplace to light it, by God.
Tags: family drama

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