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Through the wringer, down 301 and home to collapse

This has been one rough day. Went in to work at 0700 since I had to leave at 1100; got there to find that there was no internet. Power-cycled DSL modem, switch and router; the router died the real death. Since none of the cables are tagged, Verizon couldn't even get me directly connected to the DSL modem, and that was pretty much it for the morning. Our LAN support people showed up around 1030, which means I spent the intervening ninety minutes doing everything I could do without the Internets, and then left for physical therapy.

That went okay, and the therapist was even kind enough to print out directions to my next stop, ComfortCare in Annapolis. So I headed off down I-66 to 110 South...and when I got down to 395 North, had to change course in a hurry, since Shirley Highway northbound was so stacked up that people couldn't even get off 110 to get on the ramp. So I headed down Route 1 instead, stop-and-go through Alexandria, and crept along the ramp to 495/95 North. Yup, I went over the Woodrow Wilson and then headed hell-bent for leather up the Beltway to 50 East. Unfortunately, thanks to some god-damned funeral procession (probably the PG County trooper who got offed last week) US 50 East was closed down, and the ramps to it were closed. So I made a move over to 301, hoping to get onto 50 after whatever was clogging the highway. This I eventually did after calling the clinic (again) and making yet another move to 450, which detoured onto 424, which dumped me back onto 50 East, now blessedly clear. I finally made it to the clinic around 1500, after leaving Falls Church at 1215. Fortunately I was their only appointment of the afternoon.

Apparently my therapist is being overruled and I am not going to get the CircAids; I'll be getting a more rigid version of the compression stockings I had, and some night-time compression garments as well. Weehu.

Ignorant sod that I am, I innocently assumed that 301 South would be a good alternate route across the Potomac. Yes, that's how badly I wanted to avoid the Woodrow Wilson in rush hour: a detour that would bring me back to US-1/I-95 over by Fredericksburg seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately, most of the people who used to live in PG County and Baltimore City seem to have moved into Charles & St. Mary's counties, and guess where 301 goes? OMG, the traffic was hideous, and long about 1730 I gave up and backtracked via Maryland 225 to 210 and then over the (blessedly unclogged) Woodrow Wilson. I'll buy tubes of meat for tomorrow's festivities tomorrow, since everything's open then anyway.
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