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avoiding the big fusion bomb in the sky

I haven't been swimming this week, which is bad for me and my legs, but since the diabetes meds and antibiotics are double-teaming my melanin cells all to hell it behooves me to stay the hell out of the sun as much as possible. I mentioned this to P this morning, and she was duly appalled to see the near-sunburn I'd managed to generate on my left forearm on the relatively short drive from Foxchase out to the Amphora in Herndon. So, bottom line, I'm not going out at all unless I have to, and on the weekends I really don't have to. Any shopping I need to do, I can do after dusk - and generally speaking, shopping on the weekends sucks anyway.

Can't wait to see what side effects I'm going to get off the diuretic I'll be starting after I finish up with the antibiotics next week. Thanks to the aforementioned medications, I'm already having to follow desert hydration rules (i.e., if you don't need to piss, you aren't drinking enough) and that doesn't look to be changing when the new drugs replace the old drugs. It's enough to make me wonder what the incidence is of drug interaction deaths in the elderly who can't keep straight what they're not supposed to take with what.
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