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Mmmm, delicious irony.

I guess we were all wrong about there being no weapons dealers in DC.
Turns out, as SayUncle at the Knoxville News points out, that there is one, actually.
It's a guy named Josh Sugarman, who works for the anti-gun shills at the Violence Policy Center.
SayUncle recommends that DC residents wanting to exercise their RKBA rights call up Mr. Sugarman about arranging interstate transfers, and helpfully provides contact information. He also throws in this helpful bit of information:

Ask them what they're charging for transfers. If they say they don't do them, remind them that, thanks in part to their kind's lobbying efforts, it is typically viewed a violation of federal law to hold an FFL and not be in the business of dealing firearms.

Wouldn't it be delicious to see these officious nanny-state pricks busted for violating the Federal firearms dealer law? I, for one, would laugh my ass off.