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Strange music

I first heard the Butthole Surfers when I was working at Little Caesar's out in Eagan as an assistant manager. One of the older crew members exposed me to their EP PCP Pep, and I heard a few cuts off Hairway to Steven as well, so when "Pepper" started getting played on KQ a few years later I made a mental note to pick up the album sometime.

Which I eventually did, finding Electric Larryland at Discland out here a mile north of the Lesser Blue Feature. It's hard to describe the music. Comparing the band to the Cocteau Twins isn't very accurate, since the Surfers aren't just doing aural sculpture with words, they're painting a very definite and freaky picture with the surreal lyrics and strange musical effects. Somehow it all blends smoothly into music that goes well with the kind of work I'm doing.
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