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I guess I'm about due

Leg hurt like hell last night after I went to bed, almost to the point that I considered getting up, calling Kaiser and seeing what (if anything) they could/would do at 0100 on a Sunday. Eventually it calmed down, though, and I slept until 1100 today when the alarm went off. It hasn't hurt as much today, but I don't like the way it feels at all - warm to the touch and full of the dull achy pain that tells me something might could be happening. So I'll call in tomorrow, see whether they want me to come into Urgent Care or the Springfield complex. Or whether they just want to prescribe a Z-pack, which is like a preventative nuclear strike for this sort of thing. Any roads, I stayed home and inside all day, doing very little, which bothered me since I'd originally planned to go over to the house and help Carlos get stuff done. That wasn't happening today, though.

Watched the first of the two Trigun DVDs I picked up at the local video store last night, and realized to my disgust that they were HK bootlegs. FUCK. Fortunately they seem to have actually hired competent English-speakers for the subtitling; there's some minor weirdness but you can still follow what's going on. Still going to buy the box set; there's probably some on eBay or half.com for a lot less than the ~$200 Amazon is charging.
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