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Scarecrow mode

I feel like my brain has been scooped out and replaced with an equal volume of mud, and this is after a mug of Caribou's Sumatra, aspirin, and a nominal breakfast of granola bar (early) and Sausage McMuffin w/Egg (later). So I feel somewhat like the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz, only not as sharp.

Interminable weekend narrative follows:

Saturday Did not go as planned due to continued pooch-screwing related to title transfers, directions being forgotten, a passenger arguing religion with me (Very Bad) and Yahoo's directions to the church in the nether regions of Washington County where Karl & Joella were getting hitched. Was relieved to see I wasn't the only one who had trouble with navigation as Josh, stuckintraffik, and other friends of the bride & groom straggled in during the ceremony even later than my little group (phoenixalpha, Scott, and some u/i femmefan whose name I have mercifully forgotten). Wedding went well, reception likewise, long drive home very wearing and I wound up going to bed early and playing C2P2 until I got hungry around midnight and ate dinner until the Root Of All Evil came on, though I only lasted for 45 minutes of that.

Sunday Went down to the storage locker and dug out the Room Party Kit, which Kale & Loren will be taking to AI, dropped phoenixalpha and Scott at his place, and proceeded to the AD meeting. Was halfway down I-94 when I realized to my great joy that the meeting wasn't until 2 PM, which gave me plenty of time to drop by Jerusalem's for lunch. w00t! The meeting itself was amazingly short; a lot of people were missing and so we fit well into our old meeting space in room 118. Just as well since Frenchy hadn't reserved either of the auditoriums for us. New staff members welcomed, including a Japanese otaku who will be working on programming as he assimilates into American anime fandom. Bwahaha! Dropped Jamie off at his place, failed to find the Bush-Cheney HQ on my way up to Jeanne & John's, and arrived in their neighborhood about ten minutes before they got home. Since they were gettign ready for dinner I didn't hang around long but just grabbed the apazines and ran.
Wound up spending the evening with Kale & Lauren watching the "Tentacles of Doom" episode from Father Ted as well as Office Space, which was a cool B-movie...nothing pretentious, just good entertainment. We ate dinner during the movie, talked about games, the architecture of the Internet (Kale's convinced that if Chicago got nuked we'd lose connectivity in the whole upper Midwest, but I'm not so sure) and converting Imperium to a computer game. That latter project, which Kale thinks would be fairly easy, will have to wait until he beats his desktop machine back into submission, but it would be cool to see it happen. I'm not overly impressed by the ADC2 module for the game and would like to see some more flexible economics/shipbuilding mechanics, but we'll see. Getting the basic version of the game to work would be enough fun all by itself.
Tags: the bush of fandom, wargames
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