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El yugo y las flechas en el EEUU.

This post has its origins in a dinner at Balticon, where Kyle McAbee asked me to explain exactly what a Falangist is. I think I managed to explain the basics of my Libertarian Falangist political philosophy without coming across as some deranged Hispano-Catholic neo-Nazi, but the experience left me frustrated because, quite frankly, I hadn't really thought the thing through. I know where my version picks up and where the old FET y de los JONS left off, but I can appreciate that the distinctions aren't always clear to people who haven't spent the last two decades intermittently marinating their brains in Republican politics and the history of Spain from about 1931 onward. (To say nothing of this lot, who are more closely aligned to the Lebanese Phalange.)

Anyway, there's a page up on my website where I make some general observations and differentiate between Libertarian Falangism and the traditional Spanish model. Comments and questions are very much appreciated.
Tags: culture & politics, history
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