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back to work, ready or not

Had to go back in to work today since the senior controller usually doesn't work past Wednesday. (Why should he? He's supposed to be retired, after all.) It's no big deal; I got a decent amount of sleep last night, partially due to a conversation with edminster's father about my state of mind, which had been worrying me.

When my father died, I remember not feeling much of anything in the way of emotion at the time, and chalking it up to the antidepressants I was taking. It bothered me at the time, but not to the point where I was having trouble functioning, and eventually it all worked out. Problem is, after Mom died I found myself in the same frame of mind and asking myself, "Why am I not feeling anything?" After all, I'm not on uppers/mood stabilizers or any other kind of brain-bending stuff at the moment, so this lack of emotion was weirding me out. Fortunately, I've been reassured that this is within the limits of normal for people, and to not worry too much about it unless I don't have any reactions at all down the road a ways. Nice to know that in spite of all my weirdness I still act more or less normal on occasion, or at least don't present as obviously sociopathic.

So, work...there really isn't that much of it today, and I've already taken care of most of it. I may just take off early this afternoon, restock my supply of bandages & paper tape, and finish the laundry I didn't get done last night. Told Carlos I'd be over tonight after rush hour, so I guess I better do that too.
Tags: family drama, work
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