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Eight weeks of hell ahead - synchronize your watches!

I suppose I dasn't whine too much; it's not like I have danae's 90-hour workweeks or revolutionaryjo's customers, who by their very existence provide a case for justifiable homicide.

Nonetheless, there is something going on every weekend for the next eight weeks, and if I'm not mistaken I also have class resuming next month as well. I'll be lucky to find time to wash clothes and put things on eBay...and I am going to have to be really careful to make sure I don't run short on sleep, since that leads to sloppiness about personal care and said sloppiness could very well be the death of me. (This is why the Earth is not my mother - my mother lives right outside of Washington DC, and is not constantly trying to kill me.)

On a happier note, TRSI has marked down the Jin-Roh special edition DVDs to $19.99. I may just have to pick one of those puppies up.
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