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We could plant some oats just to see if they'd grow

Today's appointments were an interesting mixture of win and fail. First, I lugged my compression sleeves & pump up to Falls Church so the lympedema therapist could look at it. This she did, but was diffident about whether I should start using it again. She then proceeded to flog the lymph nodes in my right leg and re-bandage the wound there with some wraparound bandages before putting the stocking back on; as for the left leg, she contented herself with a similar re-bandaging and then broke the zipper on the left compression stocking while putting it back on. Fail. She really wants to get me into one of these dealies, which look more durable than the compression stockings and maybe less expensive too. Might have to start wearing shorts, though, since these look pretty bulky.

After that I dashed back out US 50 to the beltway and was only five minutes late for my second appointment of the day. This went well; Dr. L agreed that I didn't need to hare off to the endocrinologist since my blood test results were all pretty nominal and not much changed from January's baseline. We're going to give dieting and exercise three months to work and do more tests then; for now I am off to a good start, dropping almost 8 pounds in the last two weeks. Booya.
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