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Yeah, my new trunks arrived while I was out helping P cope with her cheap Japanese POStruck breaking. Since it was actually hot and sweaty enough outside to get me to turn on the Kia's A/C, their arrival is doubly welcome, and soon I will remove my bandages and go hit the pool. Hoo-rah!

Before that, though, a Warren Ellis meme ganked from phoenixalpha.

I was really tempted to just pick seven songs randomly from this post, but life really doesn't suck that badly at the moment and on balance has been pretty good to me these last 48.5 years. No explanations supplied here; most of you should be able to figure out why these are where they are.
So without further ado:
1. Jason & the Scorchers - Shotgun Blues
Now forever etched in memory, are things I never dreamed I'd see
Backwoods cabins, ruined and stark - Childrens' faces, cold and hard
Down the dark and dusty road
Burning fields your fathers sowed...

2. Poison - Look What The Cat Dragged In
I went to bed too late, and got up too soon
My poor head still spinnin' from too much booze

I got a foot in the gutter, one foot in the grave
Ain't seen home in the last three days

OMG, look what the cat dragged in
Livin' my life, sin after sin
Night rolls up and I do it again
OMG. Look what the cat dragged in!

3. Sisters of Mercy - Lucretia My Reflection
We look hard
We look through
We look hard to see for real
Such things I hear, they don't make sense
I don't see much evidence
I don't feel
I don't feel
I don't Feel

4. James McMurtry - Vague Directions
This place you say you're looking for
Might have washed out with the rain
Might not be there anymore
Might not be the same

But if you find it won't you let me know
If I weren't so poorly I'd surely go
Don't you know I used to love it so
When I was just a boy

5. Black Sabbath - Neon Knights
Hold on, good things never last
Nothing's in the past, it always seems to come again
Again and again and again
Cry out to legions of the brave
Time again to save us from the jackals of the street
Ride out, protectors of the realm
Captains at the helm, sail across the sea of lights

6. Helmet - Exactly What You Wanted
I let you down again
What's another harmless lie between friends?
Now you can't be disappointed
I thought I gave you just exactly what you wanted

7. Peter Gabriel - Steam
You know your green from your red
You know the quick from the dead
So much better than the rest
You think you've been blessed
But I know you

You know your ladder from your snake
You know the throttle from the brake
You know your straight line from a curve
You've got a lot of nerve
But I know you

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