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oh God, it's only Wednesday

The work day was rough. It's been three days so far of having to play catch-up since I'm not even partially familiar with all the routines and can't think my way through all of them either. So many things not entered in the GL, so many numbers just slightly off because I got them from this page of the payroll report instead of that page, so many things that would have happened automagically in Peachtree or QuickBooks that have to be painstakingly entered by hand in three different ledgers. We're not even officially out of May yet; too many loose ends not tied off to the senior controller's satisfaction. He's going down to his other house to pound nails on his deck for the rest of the week and see if I learned anything these last three days.

Anyhow...got off work at 1700 (finally), went to Walmart to buy an assload of bandages since I'm out of surgical sponges and getting low on Kerlix. Filled the tank, dropped off mail, dropped off rent, and went home. Going to bed early tonight, and not reading any Heinlein juveniles at bedtime, either. Time for the Stars and Starman Jones kept me up far later than necessary the last couple of nights.
Tags: domestic stuff, work
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