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your weekend dose of WTF

Went out to deposit paycheck, pick up drugs, get blood drawn, get mail, and hang out with P, more or less in that order, and got everything done except for the mail since I forgot the box key. Oh well; there's always next week. Also got pretty wet when the thunderstorm rolled through town as I was coming out of the video store. Killed the rest of the afternoon playing Civ and re-reading The Palace of Love; quit Civ when the Arabs started to disassemble my empire; next time one of the AI asks for a map and some spare change, I'm going to fork it over.

Apparently my comments on the Rachel Moss deal attracted some Anonymous Cowards looking to do a little trolling. Sorry, kids, I know how to play the game and you aren't getting any scope here. Abuse me all you like on your own blogs & journals; I frankly don't care. The pool of people whose opinions I do care about is pretty small, and those that post here actually have balls enough to use their own LJ handles or other means of identity.

UPDATE: Hey there, Anonymous Cowards! For the benefit of you trolls that can't read too well, comments are moderated here. Which means you don't get to leave a comment unless I want you to. Normally, I let it all hang out, but the winds of my whims have shifted, and your trolling days here are at an end. Buh-bye.
Tags: domestic stuff, miscellaneous
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