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Loose ends

Left work today after getting the bulk of the important payroll stuff done; the rest can wait until Monday after I see the lymphedema consultant who will hopefully take one look at my legs and go "OMFG you need new stockings three months ago!" and dispense with unnecessary dietary/exercise lectures. There's lab work on the schedule for tomorrow morning before I head out to Chantilly for a long-overdue clearing of the mailbox.

Finished Neal Stephenson's The Confusion last night but am withholding judgment until I finish The System of the World, because there are too many dangling plot threads. Am currently enmeshed in Max Hastings' Warriors, which is a nice collection of biographical essays on soldiers, sailors and airmen who were heroes in their time, including Joshua Chamberlain, Eddie Rickenbacker, Frederick Burnaby, John Masters and Jim Gavin. Not all of them pleasant, not all of them boon companions, even, but hard fighters one and all.

deathquaker may have convinced me to go to Otakon after all. We'll see how the budget looks in August when it comes to deciding whether I want to go up for a day or get a hotel room for a couple of nights.
Tags: books, medical stuff, the bush of fandom, work
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