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Small steps and jagged memories

Didn't go for the walk, but did get one of the Target bookshelves up and stuffed. That's another box and a half of books unpacked, in addition to all the loose paperbacks that were stacked on the floor around the TV I got from cajones and chebutykin before I left the icy wastes of Leng Minnesota. The Target shelves are only 4' high as opposed to the 6' Ikea shelves, but they have semi-real particleboard backing panels instead of the stupidly cheap and sleazy corrugated paper/paper nonsense of the Ikea shelves. Also, the Swedes must like their books really big because the Ikea shelves don't have any more shelves than the Target models; they are wider, but not significantly so.

I also killed some time shuffling the SF paperbacks and non-SF paperbacks into semi-coherent shelves and pushing the less-favored books (e.g. Phule's Company) to the back of the double-ranked pb shelves while making room for the Good Stuff (Barnes, Hemry, Drake, Laumer, etc.) up front where it could be easily spotted & grabbed. While doing this a lot of memories got stirred up and the Winamp unhelpfully supplied U2's "Walk On".
Fuck you, Winamp. Fuck you.
Tags: books, domestic stuff

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