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Well, yeah, I brought Cowzilla after all. The better to blog Balticon and all that...and to be truthful, to finish a couple of things I'd been working on desultorily this week. One of them is finished - most of the music off the old external drive is now on the new external drive, with 221 gigs left to go. I would have ripped the just-released Frank Sinatra compilation CD, but unfortunately left that behind. Welp.

I also need to stop by the Shoppers down the road and pick up a couple cartons of yogurt, since I stupidly forgot to bring any from home after buying five more cartons at Harris-Teeter this afternoon. I very badly need to get my blood sugar back under control - I stopped testing from the 2nd until the 22nd for fear of running out of strips - because the recent numbers have been pretty horrible.

Enough natter - off to Balticon!