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out on the weekend

We closed up shop at noon today, since there was nothing going on and little prospect of anything happening in he afternoon either. So, I swung by Walmart to pick up a fresh roll of Kerlix, a couple of boxes of Surgipads, and a box of Curad dots with which to cover & cure the occasional whiteheads on my legs. I would have picked up a couple 12-packs of Diet Coke for the weekend, but instead of 2/$5 they were $4.79 apiece (a pox on the signage crew!) so I threw them back. Of course, when I got to Harris Teeter for bread and yogurt, I found them on sale @2/$5.49, which is almost as good a deal. Also picked up a couple of pounds of Ballpark dogs (2/$3.99), so if I decide to burn tubes of meat for Memorial Day, I'm all set.

Departure for Balticon is being delayed by the need to do laundry, but once that's out in 90 minutes I'm going to grab the air hose and my backpack and hit the road. I'm tempted to leave Cowzilla behind, but I'll probably wind up bringing it along anyway, even though it'll be spending most of the time by itself in the hotel room three miles down the road from the con.
Tags: balticon, domestic stuff
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