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payday frenzy

Spent most of the day wrestling with the truck company's payroll, paying withholding taxes, and other related excitement. Wound up staying until almost 5 because of some questions about child support payments (not mine) and a late-arriving Verizon rep who saved us about $25/month on the paint & body shop's lines and more than that on long distance. w00tles. Still not switching my service. Also, the boss wants to hire me but is balking at the 35% fee the agency wants; since their parent company has been doing his audits forever, he wants a break on that and may well get it. Guess we'll be talking about specifics when that gets settled, and in the meantime I'm okay with drawing my pay through the agency.

I'll be sitting around for a couple of hours at a resort time-share presentation tonight in return for some discount travel packages, gas rebate coupons, and similar delights; guess I'll drop off library books tomorrow.
Tags: domestic stuff, work

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