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Don't ever change, Boris. You either, Rachel.

David Warren compares "Red Ken" Livingstone to Robert Mugabe, and provides an entertaining preview of what Boris Johnson's tenure as Lord Mayor of London could be like. (Kathy Shaidle)

Also, P.J. O'Rourke offers advice to this year's graduates in "Fairness, Idealism and Other Atrocities". (Kathy again)

Finally, Rachel Lucas trashes some dim woman's article in Men's Health about what guys do to screw up relationships. RTWT, especially the comments. (Kate)

Was supposed to go out to some resort presentation tonight but felt too tired and ooky to sit through two hours of PowerPoint slides and other sales tactics. Managed to get it rescheduled for Thursday. Doing the other half of my laundry tonight after running out of quarters last night. Going to bed early, but going to hammer out some comments for Stipple first.
Tags: domestic stuff, linkagery
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