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What, the AWOL story again?

I noticed the revived "Bush was AWOL from the National Guard" story in today's FishWrapper of the Twin Cities, which I found on the bus this morning. (I'll read it occasionally, I just won't buy it.) Apparently the local newshounds couldn't be bothered to do their own research on the story, instead running a New York Times piece on the "controversy", since, after all, we know what an objective, unbiased and solid bunch of reporters they have at the former newspaper of record. *cough*Jayson Blair*cough*Paul Krugman*cough*Nick Kristof*cough...Jesus, hand me a cough drop, somebody.

As a sometime member of the National Guard and Reserve (which runs on a similar system) I was tempted to comment on this asinine story, which five minutes on the phone with an actual Vietnam-era ANG pilot would have spiked, but I see Mitch Berg and the Blogfather are already on the case.

You have to get up awful early in the morning to beat those guys to the punch.
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