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HOLY SHIT MORALE LEVEL IS OVER 9000!!!!!11111oneoneone!!!!

Well, maybe not that high, but things are continuing to go unusually well. True, the Katana is still dead after being charged for a night and a day; true, my Baby Ben has finally gone wacko. This is all overshadowed by the wonderful news that I can submit all the co-pays I racked up before February 29 to AFLAC for reimbursement from my FSA up to the limit of the annual election amount. Even if I haven't paid the whole $1,074.48 out of my former employer's paychecks yet, which I haven't. Yes, according to the AFLAC customer service rep, I can be reimbursed beyond the amount of my own contributions, and my former employers are on the hook for it. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Petty vistas of revenge have opened before me! :D

Also, beatonna will soon have merchandise for sale! Unleash your inner Canadian!

As if all this wasn't enough, I seem to be losing weight. w00tles!
Tags: domestic stuff, medical stuff, the old country
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