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this is your Thursday, Wombat-san

Kind of an anticlimax, really. Payroll arrived today, which meant everything stopped so taxes could be calculated and paid (no, this is not done by the payroll processors, don't ask me why) and the checks mailed out. Then we got back to doing end-of-month stuff for the Portsmouth and Hagerstown offices, which was not that big a deal, really. Stopped at the library on the way home to pick up a copy of John Ringo's When The Devil Dances, because I can't find my copy(ies) in the living room. I swear, when the pension check arrives, the first things I'm buying after I write the rent check are going to be 3-4 bookcases from Target so I can pull all the books out of the damn boxes and have some idea just what I have and don't have. Also got the copy of David Drake's When The Tide Rises I had on hold, but the copy of Ringo's Sister Time is still in the queue.

On to Friday, huzzah.
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