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not everything I wanted but close enough

As part of my ongoing effort to stop the explosive growth of my library (until I get more shelves, anyway) I paid my debt to societythe city library and picked up a stack of books so I don't keep rummaging in the mound o' boxes. I also reserved a couple of books by David Drake -the new Lieutenant Leary book- and John Ringo's Sister Time.

A Savage War of Peace (Alistair Horne), third edition; probably the definitive work on the Algerian War of Independence, which is still having its effects on Algeria and France. I'm not betting money that Sarkozy or one of his successors won't send les paras or the Foreign Legion into the banlieux for some ratissage.
Liberal Fascism (Jonah Goldberg) I already know most of what he's talking about -know your enemies, LOL- but he's an amusing essayist and it'll be interesting to see if he can cut it in book length.
Look To Windward (Iain Banks) This is supposed to be a sequel of sorts to Consider Phlebas, which was five kinds of awesome - and which, oddly enough, the Alexandria Library doesn't have - so I'm really looking forward to getting into it.
The Black Book of Communism (various French people) As with Goldberg's book, I probably know most of this stuff already, but it's good to fill in the remaining blank spaces. I mean, when it comes to Hungary in 1919 and some of the other Eastern European client states, I don't really know wtf.
Gust Front (John Ringo) Yeah, I have a copy of this in the boxes somewhere but I can't be arsed to dig for it.

...and so to bed.
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