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the monsoon season is here

Yesterday was largely a waste of time...sat around playing internet spaceships and eating for most of the day, without even breaking for baseball like I did Saturday. Wound up going out to Ashburn to do breakfast with P; we drove out to the Waffle House in Winchester off route 50 through some extremely intense thunderstorms with lightning on the side. Normally I go for the All-American Breakfast at WH, but decided that since this was more of a midnight snack I really ought to just hold it down to a double pecan waffle. Anyway, P and I did a lot of talking on the drive. One of the really bad things about working the mid shift is that after a while you really start feeling the need to have some face time with people besides your roommates & fellow workers, which is pretty tough since most of them are working a normal day shift. Been there, done that.

Late-night country driving and going to the range have a lot in common. They relieve stress by letting you know you're free.

Speaking of stress, no work today, at least not when I woke up. (This happened at 0900 instead of 0700 because when I woke up at 0700 I felt like hammered yak shit. So I drank water and went back to sleep instead of getting up and forcing a cup of coffee on my unhappy stomach.) I'll be camping my phone hoping to hear something different - I really do need some cashflow over the next couple of weeks to make rent. In the meantime, I guess I'll fill out some more applications and take a nap, maybe.

UPDATE: Well, that worked out nicely. I'll be starting a temp-to-perm position tomorrow in Fairfax for $19/hour. Here's hoping it works out; if nothing else, I'll get some exposure to Great Plains software, which I haven't had before.
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