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Ragnar Danneskjold Explains It All

No, not the one from Atlas Shrugged. The one that posts at The Jawa Report.
Anyway, the original post was titled "An Open Letter to the Leftist Elites".

Thus spake Ragnar:
It really doesn't surprise me at all that leftists like Barack Obama and George Lakoff have conversations about "the great unwashed masses," and how they might somehow succeed in communicating with us using sounds and images our primitive brains might understand.

They continue to believe, against all available evidence, that deep down we are just like them--albeit with lower intelligence and less sophistication. They continue to believe that we would embrace their socialist vision of the world with both arms if they could just manage to break it down into simple terms our simple minds could grasp. So, they talk about "pie." Even the mentally retarded understand PIE, right? Michelle Obama's sales pitch for socialism has gotten to this level. It goes something like this:

"See, the problem with the world is that the rich have all the pie. Barack will take the pie from the rich and give a big piece of it to you! Doesn't that sound tasty?"

Apparently, they really think this is going to work.


Also from the files of Dr. Rusty, this video of the Leningrad Cowboys covering "Sweet Home Alabama". With a little help from the Red Army Choir. Check those rad hairstyles!
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