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THE German Shepherd is in town

Actually, the Pope has been here since yesterday, but the big mass at Nationals Park is this morning. No, I'm not going; I don't feel worthy, and unlike the Speaker of the House, I'm not nearly big enough a hypocrite as to think I deserve to be there.

Speaking of venial sins, while the traffic was indeed horrible today, blaming my tardiness on Benedict XVI would be just wrong. I was soggy and hard to light this morning, which I don't really understand since I got to bed early enough last night after getting the laundry done. Anyway, I got out of the apartment with what normally would have been ample time, but Gallows Road was super clogged and very slow. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) work is going to be very slow today since I'm waiting for responses to e-mails and don't have anything else going on.

I'll be calling around this afternoon to various staffing managers letting them know that this assignment will be over tomorrow and that I need something to start on Monday.
Tags: it's a catholic thing, work

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