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OMG, this morning was horrible. Ironically, it was mostly due to napping in the late afternoon/early evening, which made it extra super double tough to get sleepy enough to go to bed before 0100. I managed to crawl out of bed, get showered & dressed, and head off to work. I was only about 15 minutes late, but I think it wasn't until noon that the thoroughly disoriented feeling went away.

Went home after work, changed clothes, threw dirty clothes into the laundry, and went off to spend excessive amounts of money at Harris Teeter. Unfortunately they didn't have quarters, so I stopped at the Wachovia to swap a $20 for two rolls. This allowed me to put the laundry in the dryer, waste time reading a lot of crap on the internets, and eventually play a little internet spaceships - more like station simulator, since the system I'm in was full of BoB and other undesirables; fortunately I had a bunch of manufacturing to do anyway.

Yes, I did, and it's pretty cool stuff. The battle of wits between L and Kira is pretty interesting, as is the rapid descent of Kira into the sort of person that's not too different from the shinigami Ryuk, who gave him the lethal notebook in the first place. Looking forward to seeing the anime now.

Speaking of anime, N. at work wants to ask me about it. He seems to think since I had a hand in running an anime convention and spent the weekend at one, I might just know what's good and what's crap. *dies laughing*

Going to bed relatively early, since I need to be out by Dulles about 0800 tomorrow to fill out forms and get interviewed for what might be a permanent gig with an electrical firm.
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