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yes, I'm drunk, but damn, you're ugly

Content not related, really.

I didn't get nearly enough sleep last night. Woke up at 0430, showered, finished packing, and staggered out to the front desk to pay my bill; caught the shuttle to the airport and got there in plenty of time to not only clear security (despite a thorough bag search during which they confiscated my toothpaste and Listerine, wtf?) but eat some breakfast before the flight. Evidently the SD memory card in my TX had disappeared sometime over the weekend, since it wasn't there when I went to play some music by way of lulling myself to sleep. :(

Slept fitfully on the flight, got my bags from the baggage claim, and went home. I was supposed to go back to work this afternoon but I was just too wiped out to seriously consider driving to Fairfax after I got home; that goes double for interviewing with another accountant staffing agency. So I'm going to hang out here at home, kick back, and go to bed early so I can do a decent job tomorrow and the rest of the week.
Tags: anime detour, work

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