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a waste of a perfectly good EW battleship

Lost two battleships today, have replaced them both already. Actually, for about an hour I had three of them, but then I took the scorpion on an op, got stranded, ctrl-Q'd, came back and jumped back into the base system, and wound up dying when the FC had us all jump to zero at a gate BoB was moving through. I don't think my smartbombs even went off. FFFFFF, would not x up again. I don't care if he was getting advice from suas and scavok; it seemed pretty obvious to me that he had no fucking plan at all. I would have fitted out a tackling or EW frigate at the base, but all the ships and ammo were at fsckgoons prices so piss on that noise. I'll clone jump out of there tomorrow and work on moving my stuff closer to the front lines so people don't have their wallets raped every time they need ammo.

No work today; one interview with a company expanding into financial staffing. IIRC it's my "apply week" for unemployment, so I won't be getting anything from that either. Tomorrow, the ides of March and a free burrito if I can find the coupon.
Tags: eve, work
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