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Interviews (Part 1 of 2)

I never have any clue how I've done at interviews. After all these years, I think I really prefer to just go in, start working as a temp, and let the prospective employer decide whether they like my work and how I get along with the other accountants, because an interview is just so damn artificial. You can't possibly learn enough about the job to decide whether it's going to work out, and the interviewer can't possibly figure out what kind of person you are in a one-hour interview, unless you're the kind of idiot who does stupid things like eat lunch or trim one's toenails during the interview. So today I went in dressed as I normally am for work (business casual, no suit jacket or tie) and acted normal. I don't know if I got the job (there are apparently other candidates) but I do know I'm not nearly as stressed as I was the last time I had a FTF interview.