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a few thoughts about the burrow

Well, there is a downside to having an apartment half-sunk into the ground, and that downside is that the place is pretty damn cold in the winter and spring. I'm hoping that holds true in the summer as well, and since this place has a northern exposure I figure my chances of summer coolness are pretty good. Right now, though, I'm glad I found my old flannel shirt and Wells sweatshirt, because it's kind of hard to type with a death grip on the tea mug.

Unpacked some more boxes over the weekend, got the Lexmark printer unpacked and set up this morning so I could print the application forms wanted by my 1 PM interview. I may risk fiscal disaster and pick up one of the bookshelves from Target P has been raving about, if for no other reason than to clear the avalanche of books that's blocking access to the corner where my stereo speakers are hiding. I did finally find the Miho blanket I've been missing these last few months, along with a pitifully small fleece throw, my body pillow, and a metric assload of T-shirts. I think I may have more books than T-shirts, but it would be a close call either way.

Off to the interview, and possibly other adventures.