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Job Hunt Friday!

No love from Accountemps today, so I filed for unemployment and made an appointment with another agency, Keepers; I'll be heading off to that in a few minutes and catching lunch on the way since I don't have any tuna fish for lunch nor enough cheese.

I also opened a few boxes, found more clothes and linens, and put stuff away as best I could. Jesus, I need more bookshelves.

Amusing thread in the Goonfleet forums today that was almost word-for-word a repeat of the Mittani's SERIOUS BUSINESS announcement last year.

Back last year, the Mittani wanted to get people showing up for fleet ops to do so in a standard set of ships with standard fittings, mostly oriented toward long-range sniping, anti-assault cruiser/interceptor work, electronic warfare, and tackling. This was advocated to make the jobs of FCs easier since they'd have fewer useless "special snowflakes" and comedy-fit crap showing up; it would make shipbuilding space jews better off since they could concentrate on making large numbers of standard hulls, and most importantly it would help Goonfleet by enabling us to do a better job of running the Rapetrain right over BoB's ass.
Unfortunately the reaction of most goons was "HURR U R NOT THE BOSS OF ME" and they wound up staying home to rat and mine instead of showing up in their flying piles of shit, so the upshot was that we actually had a drop in turnout for fleet ops right when we needed it most. :(
Fortunately, soon after that Titans got nerfed, BoB overextended their asses, and the Redswarm Federation proceeded to kick them and their sorry pets all the way back to Delve. Thank God for our allies. Still, the argument behind Serious Business was a good one: why fly a crappy battlecruiser or battleship when you could be making a real contribution by flying an EW cruiser for a tenth of the cost? Why waste your money on a glass cannon of a destroyer when you could buy ten tackling frigates for the same money? You get the point, and hopefully a lot of the newbees will too instead of being confused by the shitposters and Laven* addicts.

*This is a Laser Raven, a Caldari battleship designed as a missile boat, re-equipped with lasers. It is full of stupidity and fail.

I also ripped a bunch of old CDs onto the hard drive, so now I have some Gloria Estefan, Sugar, and Primitive Radio Gods in the Big Playlist. Time to go get a fish sandwich (or maybe some shrimp) and head downtown.
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