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Distance on map is more painful IRL

So, after taking a couple days off while waiting for something to turn up (a la Micawber) I'll be spending the rest of the week cleaning up the mess at a orthodontist's office. The good doctor's soon-to-be-former accountants had some, shall we say, unorthodox methods of reconciling bank statements, and before his office manager takes charge of the day-to-day books, she insisted on having someone in to square things away. I still think they could use an auditor instead of lil' ol' me, since it's been about ten years since I had anything to do with QuickBooks, but I seem to be doing all right by them. The only bad part of the assignment was that the staffing manager forgot to tell me they paid for parking, so I wound up taking the Foxchase shuttle to King Street, dashing across the street to pick up some paperwork at the Accountemps office, dashing back out to take the Blue Line up to Braddock Road, and then slogging seven blocks down Monroe to the office. OMG, I am so out of shape it's disgusting. It actually hurt to walk seven short blocks. Nonetheless, I girded my loins and walked back to the station after work. [Insert inspiring and accurate Nietzsche quote here.]

Finally got in touch with Mom tonight; she seems to be okay after quitting the Zyrtec her doctor put her on, which evidently made her dizzy and led to a couple of slips/falls and possibly a twisted ankle or pulled muscle. So she's taking it easy and resting a lot, which I'd been suggesting since October 2007 at least.

Meanwhile, back at my apartment, I have come to the conclusion that maybe I do need to find a small library someplace I can move all my books into while living in a double wide parked out back. Damn near every box I opened tonight had books, and those that didn't were packed with DVDs, videotapes, or wargames. I seem to have found all my CD cases, but unfortunately not the CDs that go in them or the Case Logic books I stuffed the CDs into. Botheration.
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