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Pretty much a waste of three hours, yeah.

UPDATE AND BUMP Skip to the end for the real pain.

So, the first session of the Kaiser diabetes education class was tonight, and I'm giving serious thought to just skipping the second part next week. Learned very little new or useful, put up with a lot of smack being talked about the food industry, and gave thanks at the end of it that I hadn't had to fork out any money as a copay for this nonsense. I can sum up the dietary advice by referring people to the Mike Royko diet.*

As God is my witness, if I have to listen to one more blathering nutritionist lecture me on how much healthier the cavemen and plains dwellers were due to their diets, there will be blood. Not mine. This kind of nonsense (in my experience) comes from narrowly-trained white people who don't know shit about history and only slightly more about economics, because if they knew jack about either one they'd know better than to pop off with asinine statements like that. Sure, Og the caveman probably was better off not eating Cheetos and washing them down with Mountain Dew, but I'll bet there were an assload of winters when Og would have traded his entire extended family for some salty, starchy, sugary junk foods, because junk food beats the hell out of starving to death. That's what happened to a lot of hunter-gatherers when the hunting sucked and the gathering came up empty. You'd think people would have figured out by now that our much-maligned agricultural sector (along with the farmers in Europe, India, Australia and Asia) is feeding one hell of a lot more people than were running around in the African plains trying not to be eaten by lions, but then again a lot of these natural food nutbars think there's too many people in the world today anyway. Bah fucking humbug.

So, yeah. I can read labels as well as anyone (and probably better than most) and can count carbs in my sleep. Tell me again why wasting three more hours of my life on this next week is going to be a good idea?

UPDATE: Just to add to my aggravation, this class cost me an assignment from Accountemps. They called my home phone at 4:30, and if I hadn't had the damn class I would have been home to answer it. FGSFDS. Srsly.

*"If you like it, you can't have any. If you don't like it, you can have as much as you want."
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