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more tools for domestic happiness

Was thinking about going out to Chantilly, excavating the mailbox, and hanging with P, but I didn't finish laundry and shower and farting around with Luxor until after 1400, by which time P had decided to stop answering her phone. Whatever...

Wound up acquiring new measuring cups, spoons and liquid measure at Walmart since evidently I left my old ones behind in Minnesota. Now I can do something with these bananas besides watch them dissolve into sludge or throw them out - delicious cake! OK, bread if you want to be technical, since this recycling will be happening in the breadmaker. For tonight, I think I'm going to chill out and re-read the Demon Princes novels before I crash. I might also hook up the stereo and see if that still works. Can you feel the excitement?
Tags: domestic stuff
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