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well, that figures

The ultrasound last week revealed that there's some fat in my liver, which means I'm probably going to have a biopsy done fairly soon to determine whether this is normal fat or unhealthy fat. I'd go into the difference, but if you really want to know you can read this article from the Mayo Clinic. I has a virus on top pf my other problems, so as soon as this goes out to the intarwebs I'm going to crash. Blood pressure is still high because I didn't RTFL, and this will be corrected. Otherwise, it's all good - blood sugars made my doctor smile, kidney & liver function numbers are nominal, and the doctor said my busted lip didn't need its stitches any more, so those came out today too. w00t!
BTW, enjoy the new userpic; going to save the Not Dead Yet Wombat for serious illness and not routine medical stuff.

Work was busy; been working through a backlog of invoices that the project managers have finally turned in, and that kept me at the keyboard until 5:30. I would have left earlier, since the virus was making me tired and sore, but I'd just have to deal with the leftovers tomorrow if I did.

P and RS were both pushing iTunes this weekend, but since I'm down with the Evil Empire I decided to go with Rhapsody instead. (I had a free download from Wendy's and am liable to get some more before that offer expires.) First tune queued up was Steely Dan's "Doctor Wu", but I suspect I'll be getting a fair amount of techno and EBM since they also have Scooter, Front Line Assembly and Funker Vogt. Yummy.

I think a big part of the Dunkin Donuts appeal is that it's pretty much the anti-Starbucks, as the video currently on their homepage illustrates. And on that note, good night.
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