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late night Korean BBQ

We could have had it at the Ye Chon, which is after all open 24x7, but since P and RS were still feeling unwell we elected to go in at 2100 and be out after what amounted to an extended proteinous snack. With kimchi. And Waldorf salad. :)
I stopped by the Shilla on the way home for delicious cake. Mmmm, cake.

Most of the day was spent eating Tylenol, fiddling with the Kharkov scenario, playing Internet spaceships, and browsing through the 4 GB of electronica and miscellaneous music P sent me home with last night. Final verdict: not enough Juno Reactor and too much T.A.T.U., which I have a whole CD of already. Still, it's good to have some cuts off the HALO OSTs, which I should really buy copies of anyway.
Tags: domestic stuff, food, music
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