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no zine for you

Ah, today sucked much ass. The project that was supposed to be done at 0900 didn't in fact get finished until noon, and processing two days' worth of mail seemed to take an eternity. It actually only took until 1630, at which time I decided to take advantage of my early arrival and leave early. Besides, people were noticing how burned out I was. I managed to make it home okay via 495/395 despite the snowfall ("OMG IT'S A SNOWFLAKE, GET IN THE ACCIDENT!" LOL) but I must have been more tired than I thought since I tripped/slipped/levitated as I stepped through the building door and planted my face squarely on the bannister. Oh God, that hurt. I also bled like a stuck pig, and eventually wound up in Kaiser Urgent Care over in Falls Church getting my upper lip sewed back together. I think I also chipped a couple of teeth, but as far as the nurse practitioner could tell all the bleeding damage was on the outside. Yay. Three stitches, two bandages, and a tetanus shot later I was on my way home, where dinner was made more interesting by occasional streaks of blood on my fork. Weehu.

So, the hell with doing laundry or apazines tonight. I think I'm going to log onto EVE and kill some things, and then go to bed early. Tomorrow I get to drive back to Falls Church first thing in the morning for an ultrasound of my liver, and the way this week has been going I want plenty of rest before tackling what's likely to be another crappy day.
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