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The Generic Update for Monday

Sunday the wombat slept in, as is his habit after being out excessively late on Saturday...finally got underway to Ashburn to buy tea and other necessities of life (and, tbqh, some luxuries as well, but those will mostly be covered in the next post) after having a long talk with Mom about last week's funeral, the difficulties of various aunts and cousins on her side of the family, our respective medical conditions, etc., etc. P and I got together at the Amphora for dinner, but decamped to Wegman's for dessert (and shopping) since she was still suffering the aftereffects of the previous night's brain cell culling. Half the reason I went out there was actually to get a couple of her boxes out of the apartment, since I have entirely too many boxes as it is, and the other half was to shop at Wegman's, Walmart, and Borders. I hit Borders while she was at Target buying shelving, dropped off her boxes along with some stuff I'd borrowed from RS, and headed home by way of the Ashburn Walmart. I need to do a little more shopping tonight, since some foods are cheaper at Shoppers than Walmart, which in Virginia hasn't expanded any of its DC area stores into the Super Walmart hypermarts such as they have in Frederick and Shakopee. Not that I would drop by Shakopee for groceries anyway these days.

Medically, things are coming along nicely. The leg wound is pretty well healed over, with only minor seepage into the gauze; the latest annoying manifestation of the respiratory annoyance, which P suspects may be an allergy to something growing in the nose hose, has largely passed.

So generally speaking, life is going well. I'm going to start picking up a set of shelves from Target every couple of weeks when I get paid so I can get the mass of boxes (which is HUEG LIKE XBOX) out of my living room and begin sorting out what books I can get rid of. Yes, at long last I'll be cataloging my library. About damn time. The latest entry to the catalog will be reviewed in the next post; surely The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier deserves that much.
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