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I needed that.

Crashed relatively early last night - thought at first I'd just laze around, play C2P2 on the laptop, and wait for the Root of All Evil to come on, but the dance music on Simply Butter made me fall right over and sleep until 1 PM today. Which was all right - I needed the rest, and I have all day tomorrow to get back on a normal sleep schedule.

So I got up and cleaned out the kitchen sink, emptied, refilled and ran the dishwasher, fried up the pork chops that had been sitting in the fridge defrosting since Thursday, and threw out some of the garbage that had been laying around on the kitchen table. I also triaged the stuff from the State Fair, unearthing the two coffee mugs and potholder as well as a couple of coupons I probably won't use, but we'll see. After lunch I attacked the pile of stuff over by the bookshelf and extracted the last box of Dad's CDs from the Big Box O' Stuff. This box ought to keep me busy for a while; Carlos packed one of those Rubbermaid storage crates full of CDs, and it looks like there's a bout a hundred of them. Whoa.

On the agenda for the rest of the day: picking up some envelopes at WalMart so I can ship out CDs that I should have shipped earlier this week, throwing out bags of garbage from my room, the living room, and the Kia, putting some more CDs up on eBay, and going to bed early. The leg feels a lot better after thirteen hours of sleep, especially after I unwrapped it from the Ace bandage last night, and I think some more of the same is definitely in order.
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