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(original /b/tard title baleeted)

Wow, I guess it really is true that some people have no pride. I swear, if I was Julian Bond's kid, I'd be looking for a sympathetic shrink and a pliable judge to get Dad committed before he sold me out to the Clintons too. Doug Mataconis is right - the argument is absurd on its face, and only someone bought and paid for body and soul would even try to make it.

Between this and the whole superdelegate mishegoss, even if HRC gets the nomination, she'll have pissed off just about every black man and woman in the country that doesn't owe her something, and she'll be going down like the Wilhelm Gustloff in November. This will complete the demolition job Bill did on the party during his administration, but I don't think the Stupid Party's "leadership" will have enough brains or balls to take advantage.
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