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Nominated for best song by a pop band named for a fictional dildo

I didn't plan on going to the gun show or joining the NRA Saturday, but both things happened. What the heck - for $25, I got a pretty decent hat that actually fit, a free ticket into the gun show (cash value $12) , and a subscription to America's 1st Amendment (yeah, just what I need, more paper to throw out) so what the heck. I did see several potential holsters for Masha, some pretty cool art that was way out of my price range, and more ammo than I could fire off in a year. I bought none of it.

Anyhow, I did dinner with P and RS at Moby's in Ashburn and then headed home, where I found that Rent.com had finally sent me my reward. I spent some of it at Borders on Frank Zappa's Strictly Commercial and Neil Young's Re*ac*tor, which I'd been wanting on account of the anthemic "Opera Star", which has nothing in common with the Cake tune "Opera Singer". I also picked up Who's Next and The Definitive Steely Dan, which doesn't have everything I want but does have most of the tunes I do like.

My leg got to hurting quite a bit, so I spent most of the afternoon & evening lying around rereading The Fall of Reach and watching V for Vendetta, which is full of win and awesome. Someday I'm going to have to read the graphic novel so I'll understand how full of suck and fail the movie is. ;)
Anyhow, hopefully all this pain means that the hole in my leg is getting smaller/healing up; we'll find out when I see the podiatrist this week. And now to bed.

"You were born to rock, and you'll never be an opera star."
-Neil Young
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