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Wow, that was a weird appointment. The endocrinologist I saw today spent most of his time lecturing me on diet and exercise, which was okay if extremely redundant since I'm seeing a nutritionist in two weeks and starting diabetes ed classes in March. What really annoyed me was his insistence that I needed statins for my blood pressure (which neither my GP or the GI doc thought necessary) and his strong suggestion that I go on Byetta. I told him I wanted to give diet and exercise one last shot since I'm not trying to staff a convention or finish my MA - well, okay, didn't go into that much detail, but I think he got the picture. I'm going to talk to Dr. Langille about the statins; if I can reduce the load on my heart by peeling off the pounds this year, then that's one less drug I need.

Iodoflex not burning nearly so much today, praise Jesus. Didn't have to remove yesterday's pads since they washed off in the shower while I wasn't looking; they do seem to have done a power of good for my poor, leaky, squamous (and occasionally rugose) leg. Here's hoping they can close up the wound before the pool opens here; once I can get swimming a few times a week, that should keep it closed.

In other news, I may be able to get back the taxes Canada withheld from the royalties paid into my IRA by various energy trusts like Enterra, Provident, and Torch. This would be a Good Thing; if I'm correct, this has cost me 15% of the royalties due me over the past few years that I've held shares in those trusts.
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