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knit together by shards of steel

Reflecting on how I've written most of the fanfic I've done for Space:Above and Beyond and Revolutionary Girl Utena, it occurs to me that what I've done - more obviously in some cases than others - is write what some people call songfics. You hear a song, and you get a vision in your head that's sort of like a music video. The characters are probably not singing the song (that would be too cheesy for words) but the music sets the tone for the scene and puts you in the mood.

I heard some Breaking Benjamin on the way home last night. Scott is a big fan of theirs and when he slotted in their second album, "So Cold" started playing and the rush of emotion was almost too much. I wanted to pull over and start scribbling in the Palm Pilot for fear that I'd lose the moment, lose that scene forever. No worries. I found the band site this afternoon, pulled up the lyrics and WHAM. It's wired in now.