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I don't know wtf.

First day of Iodosorb, and things went pretty much okay except for the mildly painful burning sensation that started around 3 PM and didn't let up until I finished dinner around 1830. Leg feels okay now. Or maybe I've just gotten used to the low-level pain, I dunno. We'll try it with just one pad tomorrow (I went with two this morning in a feeble attempt to attain full wound coverage) and see if that helps any. In possibly unrelated news, my blood sugars today were all below 85. Scary.

In any case, I felt too ragged out to think about going to Ash Wednesday Mass, so I guess I can tack on another couple of weeks in Purgatory. Unless being sick gets me off the hook. I'll find out when I get there, I suppose. In the meantime, I'm going to load the dishwasher and go to bed.

The Feds and Virginia both accepted my e-filed returns today. w00t.
Tags: it's a catholic thing, medical stuff
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