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the monday status report

The rebuilding of the Cardboard Box Fund starts tomorrow, since the cash rollover from my Wells 401K hit today. Unfortunately, they're not allowing me to do anything but trade until next Tuesday when the check clears, which gets in the way of a few things I was planning to do this week. When I discovered this unpleasant fact, I grouched to the account rep, who gave me five free trades as a reward for not flipping out on her. Who says nice guys always finish last?*

Tomorrow I'll be ping-ponging between work and Kaiser, since I have an appointment with my primary care doc at 0900 and another appointment with a GI specialist at 1400. This should be awkward, and we'll see how it works.

Tonight's plan is to go home and crash early, maybe after reading some more of Cally's War, which has turned out not to be the ugly cross of the Posleen War novels and Kaleidoscope Century I was afraid it might be. You know, Watch on the Rhine done retail instead of wholesale and without the SS polemics.

*Shut up, fellow baseball fans. I already know it's Leo Durocher, who was never in any danger of testing the proposition himself.