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Ash Wednesday -3

Pretty quiet day...of course, that's not too hard when you don't get your butt up until almost 1300. I'm going to be paying the price for that tomorrow, that's for sure, but in the meantime, I did actually get some productive stuff done today. The afternoon passed while I tweaked the map I'm working on, set up a new "station" on Pandora for James McMurtry, Aimee Mann, Son Volt and other country stuff*, and read a few more chapters in The Silicon Boys.

Eventually I headed over to Mom's to chat and do laundry, which I did; also helped Carlos with some of his homework, although it took a few minutes for me to remember how to figure the diameter of a circle given its area. Jesus, I haven't done any geometry since I did that demolitions subcourse back at DLI in '79.

Sometimes it doesn't pay to look up the lyrics of a song. The thing winds up making less sense than you thought it did.

I wasn't going to vote for John McCain (or anybody else) in the primary a week from Tuesday, since I didn't get my registration paperwork in on time, but after reading this post by Bill Quick I'm sure hoping Mitt Romney starts showing some balls and hitting back in the debates. Mitt may have done some flip-flopping in his time, but he never threatened to change parties out of pure pique. The Senator, he just ain't right.

P: I got the candles. They were (predictably) at WalMart.

*As opposed to WGTB Blue, which is an awkward mix of heavy metal and electronica in various flavors.
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